What to Do if Your Partner, Housemate, or Co-Workers Tempt You with Un-Healthy Food!

We’ve all been there, looking at that piece of cake from your co-workers office birthday celebration. Pondering how many hours you’ll have to spend exercising to work off that delicious slice. And so you face a decision, pig out and enjoy every last bite of chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles or not join the party and hide out in your cubicle. Eating healthy doesn’t have to make you a recluse or result in deprivation of everything yummy. Eating healthy should come as second nature and be just as easy as tying your shoe. We’ve come up with easy, polite and non-dorky tips and tricks to help you stay healthy when those around you aren’t.


When joining the many office birthday celebrations, take a slice of cake and enjoy just a few bites (and no we don’t mean cut your slice into 3 big bites!). This way you are included in the office celebration and have a nice bite of cake. If you aren’t capable of just taking a little bite of your slice, you can keep healthy alternatives in your desk drawer.

Try 75% dark chocolate or portion packs of sugar-free pudding. Some of our staffers even enjoy keeping those dessert-flavored yoghurts handy. They’re a delish alternative and easy to pop open anytime a celebration starts.





Your husband, significant other or roommate brings home a supersize pizza. Two healthy options come to mind. One, you can indulge and have one slice with a large side salad or grilled vegetables. This way you feel included and are being polite. Another option would be to make your own healthy version. We love the Crunchy Domestic Goddess’ version of a tortilla pizza! Its extremely quick and sooo yummy.



Last but not least, it is important to make whomever is bringing you the unhealthy choices understand that you greatly appreciate them thinking of you. However eating healthy is important to you and you want to maintain all the hard work you have put forth.

Healthy Eating My Dear Readers!

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